Prayer Requests


  1. I love the Lord and I ask you to please help me and my family pray and ask the Lord to place His mighty hedge of protection around me and my family. Help us pray God will set our family securely on high away from the burdens and adversaries in my life. Pray God will free us of each of these burdens and adversaries. Pray hearts and minds are changed to follow Christ, not the world and their hearts and minds are changed to only have and show love, mercy, compassion and kindness towards me, my family and others. Please pray no weapon formed against me will prosper. Pray no more weapons will be formed against me. Pray God will rebuke satan from all our lives and each follow Christ all the days of their lives. Please pray for God to pour out His blessings upon me and my family and make this the most blessed year of our lives yet. I do so love the Lord and I thank you for your prayers. Larry

  2. Mark has cardiac Amlyoidois stage 3 of 3. He found out that he has a few spots of bone cancer too. The doctors took him off of chemo treatments. Today, he and his wife did not have good news from the doctors at Mayo Clinic. The preliminary reports showed levels going down, but not the right levels. The disease levels show no improvement just flat lined. Last week a drain was inserted to drain fluid from his stomach. Yesterday Mark started taking a drug called Revlimid which is a very potent drug with sever side effects up to heart failure. Today he got very sick from it. If he can tolerate the side effects there is a 60% chance it will reduce the disease, but chances are no improvement from current health. Please pray for a miracle for Mark to be cured of this illness. Please also pray for his wife to have the emotional and physical strength to help Mark with this illness. May God have the glory through all of this! Thank you for your prayers! God bless you all!

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