Our History, His Story

In the year of our Lord 1999, born a vision which translated into the genesis of a new assembly called International Baptist Congregation (IBC), a visage that became a reality by the grace of God. As we reflect on what God has accomplished through this congregation during these years in retrospect, we can only celebrate His faithfulness and goodness. Dr. Joseph Paturi, a dedicated and committed visionary for global missions along with several other God’s children translated this dream into a reality in May 1999. Dr. Paturi is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences in the United States and around the world.He is the founder-pastor of International Baptist Congregation, Cincinnati, Ohio and serves on many National and International boards of mission organizations.He is also the founder-president of Trans-World Ministries, which is an asian indian mission endeavor in America and around the world. In 1999, the International Baptist Congregation became a sponsored mission of Temple Baptist Church.

IBC also introduced Good Friday Service, the first of its kind in this area, which was a great blessing to the community. IBC has also been a blessing in hosting “The International Thanksgiving Concert” again the first of its kind in this area.

Along with fervent worship, the church members started a special Praise & Worship Team “The Messengers”. God  put together a wonderful team of musically gifted young people, talented and dedicated for the expansion of God’s kingdom. Their music ministry had a great impact not only in Cincinnati but also in different parts of the country. The Messengers also released their debut CD entitled “Power of Love” in 2001.

The International Baptist Church today stands as a beacon of light, ministering to many internationals in this great city of Cincinnati and across the nation. As the name rightly suggests, IBC is truly international as her members, supporters and friends come from varied nationalities and ethnicities, which make this congregation rather unique for God’s glory.

With God’s help, and with the support of her faithful members, our church now sponsors missionaries worldwide. This reflects the heart of our church for world missions. Today on an average, 40-45 people attend the worship services every Sunday, while the church has over 100 people on the rosters as members and supporters of this ministry.  The church welcomes everyone  to join its members for a time of fellowship, praise and worship.